Matthew Papa

Global VP of Partnerships, Captify

Matthew Papa is the Global Vice President of Partnerships for Captify, where he is responsible for managing Captify’s data and media partners across their 11 global markets. Captify is the largest holder of consumer search data outside of Google and its unique technology understands the intent of consumers across all channels including Voice Search, Desktop on-site Search and in-app search. Captify’s search intelligence helps inform decisions for brands globally, through consumer behavior analysis, brand trends, product and market analysis.

Matthew has been working with media brands and technology partners for over ten years in both Television and Digital. Prior to joining Captify, Matthew had a successful 6-year tenure at Sonobi where he was responsible for leading industry-wide adoption of revolutionary header bidding technology, which was first to market in 2014. As Global GM of Revenue at Sonobi, he successfully orchestrated complex publisher consortiums in Spain and Australia, as well as managing marketer relationships with leading agencies such as M1 and Hearts & Science via identity-based product initiatives.

Based in New York City, Matthew continues to drive forward technology innovation with media partners and platform partners alike through Captify’s Search