Marci Raible

Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Campbell’s Meals & Beverages, Campbell Soup Company

Marci Raible is the Vice President, Integrated Marketing for the Campbell Soup Company. Marci joined Campbell Soup six years ago as Director, Global Media and was promoted to VP in 2015 to build and lead Global Marketing Services. Working collaboratively with marketing leaders across the enterprise, Marci transformed the ways of working for each of the 10+ functional teams within Marketing Services and expanded the scope of her team by more than 25% over 3 years. Currently, Marci is leading the subject matter expert teams for the Meals & Beverage, working to define and implement a “media to shelf” approach for the division. During her time at Campbell, Marci has also been tapped to lead enterprise projects related to areas such as data architecture and marketing technology. She is recognized as a media leader who thinks like a marketer, setting a clear vision and building the path to real time marketing.

She graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing. She currently resides in the Philadelphia area. Marci is also a certified instructor in Romana’s Pilates.