Jared Luskin

SVP, Head of Advertiser Partnerships, Cardlytics

Jared Luskin is Senior Vice President and Head of Advertiser Partnerships at Cardlytics (NASDAQ:CDLX), an advertising platform in banks’ digital channels. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, and Visakhapatnam.

Founded in 2008, Cardlytics partners with top financial institutions around the world to help marketers understand how and where consumers are spending their money. By applying advanced analytics to a massive aggregation of purchase data, Cardlytics can measure the impact of spend decisions and help companies better target and personalize their marketing campaigns for optimal performance.           

Jared leads advertising partnerships for Cardlytics, where he and his team are focused on driving incremental revenue and actionable consumer insights for advertisers. Before joining Cardlytics in 2010, Jared ran sales and business development for Yahoo!’s data feed-based advertising programs, powering Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Shopping, and Yahoo! Travel. Jared began his digital advertising career in sales and business development at Overture Services and AltaVista. 

Jared holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from theUniversity of Vermont. He grew up outside Boston, MA and now lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife, two kids, and two large dogs.