Ivonne Kinser - Brand Innovators

Ivonne Kinser

Vice President, Marketing & Innovation, Avocados From Mexico

Ivonne has been leading the digital marketing efforts for AFM since 2014 when she created the capabilities from the ground up. She also leads the company’s Innovative thinking agenda and innovation training for the organization, which put Avocados From Mexico in the 2020 Fast Company list of Top 100 Best Work Places for Innovators.

In 2018, she became one of the five women honored with the Changing the Game Award Brainwave category. An award given by the prestigious She Runs It organization which recognizes women within the marketing industry who are true catalysts of innovation by fearlessly making bold moves and reinventing the rules of marketing to transform their brands, and their organizations.

The previous year,  the American Advertising Federation had included her in the list of “20 Women to Watch in Dallas Advertising” and awarded her the Shining Star Award, which recognizes women in the Dallas advertising industry who are breaking glass ceilings. She has addressed dozens of keynotes about Avocados From Mexico’s digital marketing successes & digital transformation strategies.