David Pangilinan

Manager, Insights & Cultural Intelligence, Paramount

David Pangilinan is a first-generation, Filipino-American from New York City. Lauded by Buzzfeed as an “Influencer to Watch,” and featured by the NYC LGBTQ+ Center for his work telling powerful, queer stories, his multi-hyphenate roles focus primarily in understanding, decoding and translating culture at Paramount.

As part of the Cultural Intelligence team, David’s work sits at the intersection of culture and marketing, developing insights to craft, shape and inspire Paramount’s advertising partners on how to best tap into the ever-changing cultural zeitgeist.  

His most recent projects at Paramount have been geared towards building a culture of empathy and equity. In Asian In America, David dimensionalizes by educating audiences of the tensions and the joys that shape their lived experiences.  As moderator and co-creator of the workshop How to Become a More Inclusive Marketer, David provides a framework for marketers on how  to responsibly represent marginalized communities in media.   

His current project is leading the Cultural Intelligence team’s next thought leadership study, LGBTQ+ In America which takes a deep dive at queer Gen Z and Millennials’ lived experiences set to be completed and launched in May 2022. 

He hopes to inspire the next generation by building a platform grounded in curiosity and the celebration of being one’s true self. 

His interests include: getting lost at The Met every month, finding the best exits out of each subway station, spending too many hours playing video games and being a “tiktok made me buy it” collector of makeup. 

IG: @DavidIsHereNow

Twitter: @DavidsHereNow