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Cristina Bondolowski

Global Head of Marketing, Personal Systems Business, HP Inc.

Cristina joined HP as Global Head of Marketing, Personal Systems, in October 2018. She is responsible for developing the global Personal Systems marketing vision and strategy, along with leading the planning and execution of a robust and integrated, multi-channel marketing plan. Cristina came to HP after 19 years with the Coca-Cola Company. At the executive level, she provided strategic direction to accelerate growth in leading global soda brands, including Coca-Cola by strengthening the existing brands’ equity, through positioning, communication platforms, design and digital. Having launched campaigns across 207 countries and living on three continents (North America, Asia and Europe), Cristina brings passion and a unique perspective in driving innovation. Before joining The Coca-Cola Company, Ms. Bondolowski worked in various marketing departments in diverse companies, such as IBM, Universal Pictures, Paramount Video Pictures, and Colgate-Palmolive.

Cristina earned an advanced degree in Executive Management, as well as becoming a Marketing & Commercial Master from IESE Business School, Madrid. Her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Economics was obtained from CEU San Pablo, Madrid. Cristina and her husband, Carlos, and their three children live in Palo Alto.