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Aron North

Chief Marketing Officer, Mint Mobile

Aron North is the Chief Marketing Officer at Mint Mobile and has been making headlines with the brand since 2016. Prior to his promotion in 2019, Aron joined Mint Mobile as the SVP of Marketing and Creative, where he spearheaded the initial development of the brand’s marketing department and creative efforts. Since then, Aron has led the launch of countless buzzworthy campaigns and initiatives, driving the brand to 90,000% revenue growth over the last 5-years. Key campaigns include crossovers with Match’s Satan, where the devil himself takes a job working for “Big Wireless” — the place from hell; a Super Bowl stunt that involved swapping a $5M ad buy for a $130,000 print ad, and using the savings to increase customer data limits on all plans (free of charge); and a recent campaign with Major League Baseball’s Bobby Bonilla,  offering users 25 years of wireless service for only $100/year.  

Always hungry for the next challenge, Aron is a strong believer in pushing the limits, driving brands to be cutting edge, and ignoring the fear of failure. Aron’s success has stemmed from his willingness to unapologetically create cultural moments and jump in on conversations to create trend-worthy moments with Mint Mobile in the spotlight. In the words of Aron North: If you aren’t failing, you aren’t pushing hard enough.