Anne Kawalerski

Global Chief Marketing Officer of Bloomberg Media

Anne Kawalerski is the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Bloomberg Media, where she oversees all of Bloomberg Media’s marketing initiatives. Anne has played an integral role in building the Bloomberg Media brand since joining the company nearly three years ago. In her role, Anne is responsible for managing and enhancing the Bloomberg Media brand internally and externally.

From an external perspective, she focuses on 4 key areas: increasing brand perception, creating deeper client relationships, ensuring strategic client engagements that deliver on KPIs, and driving priority new business opportunities. From an internal perspective, she drives brand building efforts across the Bloomberg Media ecosystem, the commercialization of key Bloomberg Media franchises and products, and coordinates pre-sale and post-sale collaboration across teams. Additionally, Anne works closely with key Bloomberg Media clients to develop innovative strategies that help solve their business, brand and marketing challenges.

A few notable projects include working with P&G to develop a corporate go-to-market strategy on water recycling which manifested as The 50L Home Project; working with Hyundai to develop the Hydrogen Economy Index charting the top performing countries readying their nation for hydrogen use; internally driving a new brand positioning strategy for Bloomberg Media and its first creative advertising campaign - Inventing Possibilities - which launched October 2020.

Prior to joining Bloomberg Media, Anne was a Partner at Lippincott, a brand strategy, innovation and design firm. She also worked at what is now the Super Union, a branding firm part of the WPP network. She received her BA in Communications and Political Science from Boston College. She is passionate about traveling to new places, cooking, and having adventures with her three year old son.