Angela Keaveny


Angela M. Keaveny is the Founder and Owner of ROWDYDOW bbQ WorldWide, LLC, a
company born from a single family recipe, that has grown into the premier, authentically
smoked, socially responsible pulled pork and brisket food company, on a mission to be the #1
selling, globally distributed and favorite American BBQ brand experience, in both foodservice
and retail. Born and raised in Virginia, Angela is a creative spirit, with an eye for opportunity and
‘hustle to make it happen’ attitude. Her ‘rowdydow’ inspiration for starting her own business was
like a lightning bolt from above – an ‘a-ha!’ – when she realized her Dad’s infamous pulled pork
in a sweet vinegar barbeque sauce should be shared with the rest of the BBQ lovin’ world! In
2007, after a move to Chicago from her home in Virginia – armed with nothing but a handwritten
recipe – she decided to take a chance and bring the “back home” barbeque recipe to life. The
rest is her 7-year “overnight” success story, now almost a decade in the making.