Stove Top debuts branded merch to dress up Thanksgiving

Kraft Heinz brand Stove Top has debuted a line of limited-edition holiday dress up wear for Thanksgiving to help bring some humor to the season when it sells the majority of its products.

While 2020 has not been a big year for celebrations, Kraft Heinz brand Stove Top is hoping that people will get dressed up for Thanksgiving.

So much so that the brand has debuted a line of limited-edition holiday dress up wear to help bring some humor to the season.

“In 2017, Stove Top led the sartorial stuffing charge with the launch of our ridiculous, yet practical, ‘Stuffing Pants.’ Now, three years later, as people are experiencing peak sweatpants fatigue and are gearing up for a very different Thanksgiving celebration, we’re excited to take the opportunity to offer some much-needed levity,” said Juliet Levine, Brand Manager of Stove Top. “Whether you’re celebrating with your quaran-team or via video chat, we hope the Stove Top Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection will turn people’s turkey dinner into a formal affair … and that people ‘Get Stuffy.’”

While Kraft Heinz has struggled in recent years as consumers favor fresh foods over packaged goods, the pandemic has helped the company see a comeback as lockdown saw a rise in people cooking at home, many turning to classic comfort food. Kraft Heinz reported a 6% increase in net sales to $6.44 billion in Q3 2020 and expects the momentum to continue.

Thanksgiving is the biggest time of the year for Stove Top sales and the company often runs campaigns to promote the product this time of year. This year’s humorous and playful campaign is aimed at boosting morale and sales during the holiday season. The elevated look of the line is aimed at bringing cheer and giving people an excuse to dress up, during a year when many have relied on sweatpants.

The line includes a red velvet dinner jacket with stuffing lining; a Stove Top shawl; a set of cufflinks inspired by stuffing aka “stufflinks”; as well as a headband and Stove Top handkerchief. The merch is available for sale at the microsite on Tuesday, November 17 at 12 p.m. EST. These limited edition items cost between $4.79 and $30.

The brand is using social media to promote this campaign and the campy apparel items are aimed at boosting social posts.

“As a beloved staple of the Thanksgiving spread, we want to make sure people still enjoy the best holiday of the year, even under these unusual circumstances,” Levine said. “We hope our Stuffy Thanksgiving Collection encourages people to get ‘stuffy,’ whether you are rocking one of our custom garments or putting on your own suit and tie with a box of Stove Top in hand. These items will take stuffing-lovers through the festive season, and while they’re launching in time for Thanksgiving, ‘stuffy’ attire is encouraged whenever you need a stuffing-inspired fashion pick-me-up.”

The campaign is inspired by Kraft Heinz’s company platform “Let’s Make Life Delicious.” “We hope these stuffing-inspired fashions can bring a smile to people’s faces, whether they’re celebrating with small family gatherings or virtually,” Levine said.

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