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Pure Leaf drops zero sugar sweet tea

  • Pure Leaf has released a new calorie-free, sugar-free sweet tea. 
  • To promote the new Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea, the brand has launched a new campaign starring actors Emily Alyn Lind and Celeste O’Connor called “The Unbelievably Sweet Files.”
  • The spot aims to “bust the myth that Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea can’t be sweet and  delicious without sugar.” 

Pepsi’s Pure Leaf brand has launched a new product aimed at consumers who are becoming more health conscious and are cutting back on sugary drinks and are looking for alternatives.

The campaign taps Emily Alyn Lind and Celeste O’Connor, stars of the new Ghostbusters movie, to create an entertaining new campaign that takes on potential skeptics of the product – that sweet tea cannot exist without sugar.

“A delicious zero sugar sweet tea that actually tastes good seems like a dream, which is why I’m thrilled  Pure Leaf has nailed it,” said actor Emily Alyn Lind, in a statement. “Celeste and I have had a blast finding a sweet tea  that satisfies your cravings without a load of extra sugar. You have to taste it to believe it.” 

As part of the brand, the company is running a contest calling on fans to share their unbelievable stories on PureLeafZeroSugar.com for the chance to win a Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Prize Pack, which includes the new product and a set of holographic stickers. 

Additionally, the brand is running a multi-city taste test tour – New  Orleans (April 3), Boston (April 5), and Chicago (April 7)– where consumers can “sip it to believe it.” 

“Bringing our first-ever Zero Sugar Sweet Tea product to market has been a long time coming,” said Julie  Raheja-Perera, General Manager, North America, Pepsi Lipton Partnership, in a statement. “We know this is an iced tea  option consumers are looking for today, and we took the time needed to perfect our recipe.”