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Opendoor to livestream home selling tool during Halftime Show

Residential real estate platform Opendoor is running its first-ever Super Bowl ad with a mission: to demonstrate that selling a house doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. 

The company will livestream footage from its app during the regional Atlanta broadcast and on the Opendoor website during halftime. The ad’s promise: selling a home can be as easy as watching the Halftime show at the Super Bowl.

“February is when America starts to move again, kicking off the start of the Spring home selling season,” said David Corns, chief marketing officer of Opendoor. “It’s the perfect time for us to do something that’s truly unique to show that Opendoor is so easy, you can sell your home during Halftime. So, we are doing it with a real homeowner, in real-time, in one of the hardest markets to sell a home in right now – Atlanta.”

The live ad will feature a real homeowner in Atlanta showcasing their house via Opendoor’s Virtual Assessment. Livestream footage will air on Atlanta TV and on the Opendoor website to demonstrate how the site makes selling a home quick and easy. 

“Selling your home doesn’t have to be a difficult, stressful or a time-consuming process,” said Corns. “So we’re walking the walk, and showing America how easily it can be done – LIVE. Selling your house with Opendoor is so easy, you can do it during Halftime. To our knowledge this is the first ever live Super Bowl commercial, certainly the first time someone will be selling their home live.” 

In addition to the local TV buy and the livestream, the campaign will continue to live on social media, as well as through paid search and an OOH board in Times Square.