H&M Debuts Immersive Experience on Roblox

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H&M is following brands like Claire’s by getting into the metaverse with its new Loooptopia Experience on Roblox. 

H&M is following brands like Claire’s by getting into the metaverse with its new Loooptopia Experience on Roblox. 

The immersive experience allows players to play with materials and patterns and create their own clothes for their avatar. The goal is to allow consumers to engage with the products and looks that H&M has to offer.

“At H&M we want to encourage people of all ages to learn about fashion and creativity, empowering people to express themselves through different styles, both online and offline,” said Linda Li, head of customer activation & marketing at H&M Americas. “ We are constantly experimenting and learning how to connect with people in new ways, and social gaming platforms are one such space. H&M Looptopia Experience on Roblox allows users to experiment with their digital identity and learn about fashion and circularity in a fun, creative and playful environment on the Roblox platform. The game enables creativity and encourages self-expression.”

H&M partnered with metaverse studio Dubit on the new endeavor. The experience includes various environments, styling sessions, games, events and more. The experience is centered in a virtual city square, where players can decide to enter various different worlds including: Rainbooow Fields, Neon Studiooo and Fabric Fooorest. Consumers can collect fashion ingredients in these environments and create their own looks to get dressed up for game play. Then players can add accessories, dance moves, music tracks and special effects for a runway show. The environment is social and allows people to meet others and take selfies and share looks. After the session, players can recycle old clothes to earn elements, a nod to H&M’s brand promise to be more sustainable.

“We have created this game to be able to connect with people of all ages in a playful way, enabling them to express themselves while at the same time learning more about sustainability,” added Li. “We are targeting a digitally savvy customer who is focused on building their identity and fashion through the metaverse. Although, we know Gen Z and Gen Alpha are heavily immersed in the Roblox world, the experiences are being adopted by people of all ages! We want to make sure we are there for them as they test and play new experiences.”

“As the metaverse and social gaming platforms are increasingly becoming part of our culture it is in H&M's interest to be present in that space as it evolves; it is in our DNA as a progressive fashion company,” she continued. “Metaverse and other digital platforms are of course of interest to H&M, but at the moment we have no further plans to share.”

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