Redefining ‘Audience’ to Expand Your Brand’s Reach

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May 30, 2019

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Redefining ‘Audience’ to Expand Your Brand’s Reach

Identifying target audiences and effectively reaching them is critical to brand success.  But often, brands fall back to standard demographics – age, marital status, income, geography – to characterize their targets.  Applying social analytics to the vast trove of social data, brands can go way beyond traditional demographics to uncover and target significant untapped audiences based on many other characteristics.   Defining these audiences and understanding their common positive sentiment drivers, brands can create on-target promotions to expand reach significantly.

Register for this lively webinar, Redefining ‘Audience’ to Expand Your Brand’s Reach, to hear from Ted Rubin and Mike Baglietto on how to:

  • Identify passionate new audience segments using social listening
  • Grow engagement and sentiment through well-targeted, measurable campaigns  
  • Brands like Toyota, iHeartMedia and Taco Bell use social analytics for significantly richer audience profiling.