VIP Roundtable + Dinner Series

Based on the demand from the Brand Innovators community, we have launched a new in-person series called the Brand Innovators VIP Roundtable + Dinner Series. This series will bring together 8 - 10 marketing executives from Fortune 500 and other leading brands to learn and share how they are tackling current industry topics, trends and issues in an intimate and private, in-person, setting - no audience, no recordings - so that marketers can be as open as possible in the discussions with one another. We'll be hosting these discussions in key markets across the country and will follow each with an exclusive dinner where marketers can enjoy an evening filled with amazing food, drinks and networking. This series is available for brand-side marketers and paying sponsors only. Participation in this series is by invitation only. Scroll below to see our currently scheduled discussions.

Upcoming VIP Roundtables + Dinners

Los Angeles VIP Roundtable + Dinner - Thursday, May 11
Los Angeles VIP Roundtable + Dinner - Thursday, July 20
San Francisco VIP Roundtable + Dinner - Thursday, July 27


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