EB Moss

Senior Vice President, Content & Community

What do you do at BI?

My title is SVP, Content & Community and happily I'm here to help drive content opportunities in primarily the topics of TV and Audio, as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I'll also build new content products while supporting the strength of our internal and external community.

Where is your hometown?

I'm a Jersey girl who spent 15 years in California

Where are you based now?

#ILoveNY (City)

What do you live for?

While I spent years as a voiceover actor and singer, my big passion (outside of creating content and community!) is swing dancing!

What are some brands you love?

Big fan of any brand of tofu or shoes, and if I have to name brands I like my Starbucks or Dunkin' as dark roast on ice, and whatever is new from Apple.

What is your Astrological Sign?

Moon Child. Don't mind me when it's a full moon!