Tulani Elisa

Vice President, Social Media, Fox Entertainment

Tulani Elisa is the Vice President of Social Media at FOX Entertainment. She leads her team in creating digital strategies, influencer activations and talent content to promote across social.

Tulani has worked in the digital space for the last 10+ years with most of her career spent working at agencies in New York and DC. Prior to working at FOX, Tulani was at the Glover Park Group in Washington D.C. for four years, where she helped build their paid social media practice. Tulani has worked across sectors, including in government, non-profits, entertainment and consumer, giving her a holistic perspective on the digital space and creative executions.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, and a MALD (Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy) degree from The Fletcher School at Tufts University.