Taylor Bohmann

Senior Director of Midwest Sales, Influential

Taylor Bohmann, a Milwaukee native, works out of Chicago as the Senior Director of Midwest Sales at Influential. Influential is the largest influencer marketing company in the world, connecting brands and audiences through social media influencers to drive real-world business results, using the most comprehensive transparent data and AI technology. While new to the team, Taylor is quickly adapting to the role. She brings over her experience as a Brand Partnerships Manager at TikTok and over nine years of experience developing/analyzing brand strategies and handling high-profile client partnerships to help Influential maintain its lead on the market.

Taylor loves to expand and challenge herself outside of her career by taking on new projects. She’s currently adding to her education and skillset at the Columbia Business School. And as Founder of the NAKD PROJECT, Bohmann also is no stranger to philanthropy. She created the online media platform to provide women a safe space to receive and share wellness inspiration, self-love, and guidance. She hopes to empower women to reach the success they desire and learn how to love themselves through the process. Her desire to make the world a better place has also been expressed through her five years of service with the Salvation Army Echelon Chapter and her current efforts and time devoted to UNICEF USA as a NextGen Board Member. Outside of her community service, Taylor loves to spend time with her family, friends, and Harley (the cutest little Pommerian sidekick one could hope for).