Ravi Patel

Director, Customer Portfolio Lead, PWC

Ravi has over 12 years in Technology & Media, with a focus on Business Development, and Product Management across MarTech and AdTech companies. He currently leads Media and AdTech Strategy PwC on the CMO Advisory team. Over his career, he’s been a CEO, Head of Product Management and board director in private companies. Ravi has been part of teams that have built data products in Martech/Adtech that have scaled to 9 figure revenue businesses. Ravi was part of the early team at Integral Ad Science (acquired by Private Equity), and Appnexus (acquired by AT&T) to help lead product management and business development initiatives. Ravi most recently led Adfin, a media intelligence platform, as CEO. His clients included top brands such as AT&T, Unilever, Nestle, and more.