Randi Barshack

CEO, Samba TV

A 30 year veteran of media and technology industries, Randi Barshack, CMO of Samba TV, has built and scaled marketing teams toward a total $1Billion in exit valuations in B2B companies covering a wide range of technologies including Artificial Intelligence, API’s, Communications, Search and Customer Experience. These experiences include leading marketing efforts at Figure Eight (acquired by Appen), Mashery (acquired by Intel), Mercado (acquired by Omniture/Adobe) and TeaLeaf (acquired by IBM) where she was a co-founder.

Randi graduated from Dartmouth College and has a joint International MBA from The Kellogg Graduate School of Management and Recanati School of Business. In a previous life Randi was an early pioneer in multi-media; producing interactive media for companies such as Panasonic, Apple and Bank of America. Randi is fluent in Japanese and has worked and lived in both Tokyo and Tel Aviv.