Rachel Redman

Global Metaverse Product & Partnerships Lead, Meta

Rachel Redman leads metaverse product go-to-market for brands & partners globally at Meta, with a focus on augmented reality, virtual reality, avatars and Meta’s web3 products – digital collectibles. Innovation has been a core ethos of Rachel’s career over the last 4 years at Meta. She has pioneered numerous emerging platforms + products for brands and Meta’s 3rd party ecosystem of partners, including previously leading global creator activation efforts. Rachel has built her career working at the intersection of fashion & technology, formerly leading business development at NuORDER, a fashion tech platform. Today, she is blending her two worlds of innovation + fashion with an installation at Meta called Future Fashion, centered around guiding the top global fashion brands including LVMH, Gucci & Dior on how to bridge into web3 and the virtual world.