Patrick Roman Gut

VP, Head of Sales, US at Adlook

Patrick Roman Gut (PRG) currently serves as VP, Head of Sales, US at Adlook. In this role, he leads the go-to-market strategy and oversees the commercial organization functions of Adlook in the US.  PRG joined Adlook in August of 2022. His focus is to scale the expansion of Adlook as they introduce brand marketers to the next generation of brand growth fueled by deep learning.  Adlook is an independent, global marketing technology business created to drive a fundamental shift from performance marketing to marketing performance. Adlook offers guaranteed performance and zero ad waste solutions. Powered by industry-leading and proprietary deep learning technology and cookieless solutions, the Adlook platform makes brand advertising in the open web easy and effective - enabling real-time discovery and insights, predictive planning and optimization, and an agile test & learn approach. Patrick has been in the adtech space the past 10+ years. During this time, he has focused on brand needs, introducing new solutions ahead of market dynamic shifts and commercializing teams around those solutions at scale. Most recently, prior to Adlook, Patrick ran the advertiser and agency business at NCS (Nielsen Joint Venture). His focus was on CPG and how marketers can leverage derivatives of purchase data / insights to scale their outcomes. Prior to NCS, Patrick worked across the data, software and tech space focusing on Financial services, QSR, Retail and CPG Clients. Patrick lives in Chicago with his wife and kid and dog. They are all avid travelers and find themselves drawn to food forward experiences.