Molly Hayward

Founder & Chief Brand Officer, Cora

Molly Hayward is the visionary founder of Cora, the modern women’s wellness brand whose mission is to revolutionize the female experience by acknowledging the power of female bodies and providing healthy, thoughtful ways to care for them.
Cora creates fearless content and innovative products through an elevated brand to shift the way women perceive and manage their periods, bladder leaks, and other natural experiences. And with every Cora product purchased, pads are given to a girl in a developing country who needs them. Since launching in 2016, Cora has provided five million pads to thousands of girls so they can stay in school, play with their friends, and pursue their greatest ambitions every day of the month.
Cora represents the smart, chic, and conscious woman of today and is transforming the experience of womanhood on a global scale.
Molly has a deep knowledge of menstruation in both commercial and cultural contexts. Molly was the first entrepreneur in the menstrual care and women’s wellness space to establish a modern, pro-social brand, presenting the issues of healthier products and women’s global social justice to the mainstream female consumer.
At 30 years old, Molly and Cora has been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, and other major media outlets, and she has garnered awards for her innovative and holistic approach to elevating women globally through for-profit business, including being named to the Forbes 30 Under 30.
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