Michelle Green

Manager, Insights & Cultural Intelligence, Paramount

Obsessed with all things social media from the latest GIFs to the trending memes, Michelle Green is an internet scuba diver, searching for all things bubbling in culture. 

As a Manager on the Insights & Cultural Intelligence team at Paramount, Michelle works at the intersection of culture and marketing, developing insights to craft, shape and inspire Paramount’s advertising partners on how to best tap into the ever-changing cultural zeitgeist. 

Her accomplishments include creating thought leadership projects at Paramount geared towards building a culture of empathy and equity within- a commitment under the company’s Content for Change initiative that aims to transform the creative ecosystem. In the study Black in America, Michelle educates audiences of the tensions and the joys that shape the lived experiences of African Americans, not just as numbers and demographics. As moderator and co-creator of the workshop How to Become a More Inclusive Marketer, Michelle provides a framework for marketers on how to represent marginalized communities in media. 

Born and raised in Washington D.C , She attended Virginia Commonwealth University graduating with a BS in Mass Communications and minor and African American studies. 

She currently resides in NYC where she enjoys exploring the many “Tiktok recommended” restaurants and Instagrammable places, traveling, and being a self-proclaimed beauty and nail influencer.