Melissa Hobley

Global CMO, OKCupid

Melissa isone of the leading marketers in the world, recently named to Forbes 50 Most Powerful CMOs in the World (2020).  She regularly appears as an expert on tech and relationships in media like The New York Times and NPR, and is a frequent guest on NBC’s “Today Show” discussing relationships in a digital era.Today, Melissa is the Global Chief Marketing Officer of OkCupid, one of the largest dating apps in the world. Under her direction, OkCupid has become famous for its message of inclusion and affirmation, winning numerous awards for its breakthrough and outspoken marketing. Today, OkCupid is one of the only apps in the world that encourages and facilitates daters to match on the issues that matter to them. This means OkCupid proudly is the only app with a pro-choice filter, climate change filter and many other issue-related filters.