Matt Wurst

CMO, Co-Founder, MINT

Matt Wurst is the CMO and co-founder of Mint, a white-label technology solution for brands, agencies, publishers and platforms to get started with digital tokens, NFTs, and Web3 engagement models. Mint provides a single, seamless ecosystem for brands to mint and distribute/sell digital tokens that engage consumers in meaningful, customizable experiences.  While terms like "Web3," "metaverse" and "blockchain" can be confusing, NFTs are already much more than just collectibles and cash grabs. The next generation of tokens will unlock access, build brands, and deepen the relationships they have with their communities. Strategic planning, creative development, communications planning, and diligent community management are the key elements for success. Mint has removed the barriers and eliminated the confusion for brands AND consumers. He spent the previous two decades as an award-winning brand and creative agency leader, first spearheading the NBA's foray into digital content marketing (Web 1.0) and then building the first social media practice at an agency (360i). His Web 2.0 strategies drove the foundation for many leading global brands, including Coca-Cola, Oreo, Unilever, NBC Universal, Nestle, Diageo, Anheuser-Busch, HBO, and Estee Lauder. He launched a new owned-and-operated content agency in 2018 (Revelation, acquired by Jellyfish in 2021), working with brands such as L'Oreal, Sony Playstation, and Morgan Stanley. Matt is passionate about the convergence of tech, marketing, and content, and will share actionable insights and best-in-class Web3 examples and opportunities for marketers to think about how to innovate, lead, and fast-follow.