Matt Wurst

Managing Director, revelation

Matt Wurst is the CMO and Co-Founder of Mint, a white-label NFT platform for brands to merchandize, manage, and market digital assets for the next generation of community experiences. Their technology powers marketplaces for the NBA, Dapper Labs, Porsche, collegiate and professional athletes, leading art galleries, museums and more. Prior to launching Mint in early 2021, he was both Jellyfish's Global Client Lead and the Managing Director of Revelation as a creative and operational leader. With over two decades of digital marketing experience and expertise, Matt's innovative approaches to digital strategy, content and analytics became the backbone of 360i's visionary integrated marketing leadership. Over the span of a decade with 360i, he launched the first social/digital marketing practice at an agency, led the team behind the famous Oreo Super Bowl tweet, and served as head of both content and operations in partnership with over 100 brands. Matt was among the first to bring together content and context, technology and humanity, art and science.... and he is a true champion of digital marketing convergence.