Mariah Picou

Senior Creative Manager, My Code

Although Mariah Picou’s passion for content began in front of the camera as an actor, her early years were marked by the feeling that she was neither “Latina” enough nor “white” enough when going out for auditions. Suffering through the all-too-common refrain from casting directors that “you can’t be light skinned, a red head, or blonde, etc and be Latina,” Mariah decided she could no longer wait for the industry to acknowledge Latinx people are diverse beings, as unique as the many cultures we come from. Taking matters into her own hands, Mariah pursued a career as a producer, channeling her passion into creating content to help people from all walks to be seen and heard. As Creative Manager at My Code, today Mariah enjoys guiding brands as they endeavor to authentically represent not only the LatinX community, but also various diverse communities as well, creating content in which people can see their stories authentically reflected. Mariah looks forward to continuing to lead brands into the future and allowing people of all colors and creeds to feel seen.