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Luke Barkley Young

CEO & Co-Founder, Outlines

Luke Barkley Young is the co-founder and CEO of Outlines, a New York-based home essentials company reimagining the way we keep our homes clean and organized. Originally from London, Luke was used to easily accessible recycling for plastics, but when he moved to the US he was disheartened that there wasn’t the same access to recycling available. In 2019, following the realization that shower liners are the largest piece of single use plastic in the average person’s home, Luke and his co-founder Meg started a recyclable shower liner company as a side-project to see if there were others struggling to recycle their shower liners. After seeing an immediate demand for better designed, less wasteful home essentials, the idea for Outlines was born. Prior to Outlines, Luke headed growth for mission-led tech start-up Tech Will Save Us, where he built partnerships with leading brands including Target, Apple, Disney and MoMA. Before that, he led partnerships for Soho House Group in London. Originally from the UK.