Leslie Dell’Anno

Director, Digital Marketing Strategies, John Hancock

Leslie is the Director of Digital Strategy at John Hancock. In her role, she is tasked with connecting the consumer directly to the solutions that the brand has to offer. After working with global brands to build their digital footprints through social media, content, and media partnerships for the last 8+ years, Leslie knows what drives conversation and conversion: a strong visual story that is served through the appropriate platform, targeted to the right audience. Before joining the marketing team at John Hancock, she worked at a handful of advertising agencies in NYC and Boston. She has worked across a portfolio of incredible brands including NBC’s Bravo Network, PUMA, Buick, Hasbro, Clinique, join.me, LastPass, IZZE Fusions, and Thomas & Friends. In real life, Leslie is a proud dog-mom to a rescue pup and constantly flexing her skills in sarcasm.