L. Michelle Smith

Director, Public Relations AT&T Global Marketing Organization

L. Michelle Smith is a consumer insights expert who is helping one of the world’s most respected Fortune 9 companies prepare for our nation’s new reality– an unwired, digitally-driven, multicultural and global society.

Michelle leads Citizenship & Sustainability corporate communications efforts for the AT&T Global Marketing Organization and specifically owns the voice and timbre of diversity for the company. She directs programs for nine segments across multiple business units which make up the fabric of our country: women, veterans, LGBT, disability, 50+, Millennials as well as the three multicultural segments—African American, Hispanic and Asian. Her teams have won awards for programs like Live Proud, Inspired Mobility and the multi-award-winning It Can Wait no text and drive campaign. She is also the founder of AT&T Inclusion Marketing™ which is an integrated marketing start up that aligns all three of AT&T’s marketing organizations to develop content for the new multicultural mass market. She has more than 20 years’ experience as an television news writer/producer, integrated marketer and communicator at global agencies and her own boutique agency.

She was recently named a “Technology All-Star” by Women of Color STEM, a Brand Innovator Top 100 Women to Watch 2017, and helped AT&T nab the top spot in the Hispanicize Top 25 Companies in Silicon Valley.