Kristin Lane

Vice President Head of Customer Activation & Engagement, MassMutual

As Head of Customer Activation and Engagement for MassMutual, Kristin leads a team responsible for ensuring the brand remains relevant and top-of-mind to all audiences. The team is responsible for driving marketing growth by harnessing insights and data and applying channel expertise to marketing strategies across paid media, brand advertising, integrated and growth marketing, direct marketing, partnerships and sports hospitality. We also oversee the relationships with MassMutual’s extended roster of agency partners, and are responsible for marketing operations relationships, contracts and investments with suppliers.

Long term growth requires the always-on balance of upper and lower funnel tactics that keep MassMutual relevant and simultaneously grow the purchase funnel across all audiences. We deliver customer value by interpreting digital signals to deliver qualified MassMutual intenders through an always-on customer journey bringing top of funnel audiences from initial brand exposure all the way through to qualified prospects in the leads funnel.

Kristin has been a guest lecturer at Boston and Northwestern University. The work she has led at MassMutual, as well as prior to her current role, has won multiple industry awards for creative excellence and efficacy. Before joining MassMutual, Kristin was an executive at Arnold Worldwide in Boston, MA and a partner at Forty Forty Agency in Berkeley, CA, and has held leadership positions at several prominent financial services firms that are headquartered in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.