Irma Shrivastava

SVP, Strategic Marketing and Alliances, American Cancer Society

Irma Shrivastava is an action-oriented, achievement-driven, global marketing, sales and business executive. She brings extensive experience from The Coca-Cola Company, the American Cancer Society and board memberships including the Children’s Museum of Atlanta, the Hindu Heritage Society and The Lovett School. Irma brings large organization expertise, the ability to cut through complexity, lead cross functional teams and mobilize people and resources to these roles.

An alumnae of University of Virginia and The Wharton School of Business, Irma is defined by her creating a clearing for growth mantra. She is driven by a strong action and achievement orientation, with a bias towards making a difference for consumers, customers and other stakeholders. Irma has a strong track record of executing roadmaps for growth for large scale profit and nonprofit organizations. She is smart, strategic, and excels at taking inputs from multiple stakeholders, formulating strategy, setting direction and leading cross-functional teams.

As a marketing executive, Irma brings solid experience from various retail, foodservice and strategic divisions of The Coca-Cola Company, her current role as SVP, Strategic Marketing and Alliances with American Cancer Society and various board positions. Marketing is at her core: Irma has a keen strategic mind, she gets to breakthrough with ease, and formulates and executes clear game plans to address consumer, customer and stakeholder needs. At ACS, she led the development of an integrated marketing campaign that drove 29% incremental revenue growth.

As a sales leader, Irma translates customer needs, marketing and commercial strategies into strong execution plans to drive organization growth. She has accomplished multimillion dollar commercial initiatives in her career including leading the strategic partnership between Delta Air Lines and The Coca-Cola Company to provide inflight beverages and joint marketing efforts globally. She stewarded an integrated multifaceted campaign with Lyft to provide critical patient services as well as marketing revenue.

As a business executive, Irma is at her best when she impacts global brands and organizations through her leadership, decision making and work with key stakeholders in the brand’s and organization’s ecosystem. Irma’s experience comes from being part of multiple leadership teams and Boards including: Coca-Cola Foodservice, the McDonald’s division at Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola’s Odwalla division, Finance Committee of The Lovett School, and Marketing & Capital Campaign Chair for the Children’s Museum of Atlanta, and as Strategic Marketing and Alliances leader at the American Cancer Society.