Helena Price Hambrecht

Co-founder + CEO, Haus

Helena Price Hambrecht, CEO and Co-founder of Haus, is reshaping the spirits industry by bringing quality, transparency and authenticity to a new generation of drinkers. Growing up in a rural North Carolina food desert and working for years in Raleigh bars and lounges, Helena didn’t see non-corporate alcohol until she moved to California in 2009. Over the next decade, while working in Silicon Valley, she watched as every other industry–from food and clothing to skincare and travel – was disrupted, except for alcohol. A seasoned PR professional representing tech startups, Helena was constantly networking and meeting up for drinks. However, that meant experiencing the problems of low-quality alcohol, like brain fog, inflammation and hangovers. Enter Haus–the low-ABV aperitif brand that uses clean ingredients to bring the joy and connection back to happy hour . Helena launched Haus in 2019, selling direct-to-consumer, a first for a spirits brand. Haus immediately hit a sweets pot with consumers who were looking for something they could feel good about drinking and brought European aperitif culture into the modern age. Prior to Haus, Helena helped shape Silicon Valley brands like Facebook, Fitbit, Google, Instagram, Microsoft, Nike, Pinterest, Slack, Square, Twitter and Uber as owner of Dagmar Studios. Her work has been featured on ABC and CNN, and in The New York Times, Fast Company, Fortune, Glamour, The Guardian and Inc.