Emmakate Young

Director - Brand Strategy & Marketing Communications, Delta

Emmakate Young is Managing Director, Brand Marketing and Global Sponsorships for Delta Air Lines where she leads efforts to define and communicate Delta’s brand and values, internally and externally. She led Delta’s award-winning efforts at CES 2020 and has helped shape Delta’s brand voice through many brand campaigns like Runways, Close the Gap, and Election Day. She has also played a key role in defining Delta’s foundational brand strategy, including sustainability and DEI brand marketing.  In addition to brand strategy, Emmakate leads Delta’s Global Sponsorship, including Team USA / LA28, The Masters, and all US sports partnerships.

Prior to Delta, Emmakate worked in Nairobi for the United Nations Environment Program and NYC in advertising before returning home to Atlanta to continue work in advertising. She ran the Delta account for Moxie (the social AOR) before coming in house at Delta. She holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Missouri.