Courtney Miller

EVP, Head of Strategy, Edelman

As a strategist, Courtney Miller has an anthropologic mind that has taught her to identify and interpret nuances in human behavior and craft them into marketing strategies that challenge the status quo at every touchpoint.

With more than 19 years in the industry, Courtney’s category experience spaces the gamut from CPG to digital, to healthcare and retail, working on brands like Barilla, PeaPod, and The U.S. Postal Service. Courtney’s role at Edelman has focused on developing go-to-market strategies and building insight-led communications for several of the agency’s largest clients including DMI, Lilly, Sanofi, and CLIF.

She is an expert storyteller, leading client and agency multi-disciplinary brainstorms, workshops and trainings. Courtney earned her BA in marketing from Adrian College in Michigan and is trained in the theory & practice of focus group moderating from the Riva Institute. Courtney currently resides int eh Chicago area.