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Christa Klausner

SVP Media: Commerce, Digitas

As SVP of Media Commerce at Digitas, and the Digitas Commerce lead, Christa Klausner sets high standards for success, and through her transparency and influence, she inspires others to push their boundaries and deliver exceptional results. Key clients and senior leadership at Digitas and within our broader Publicis Groupe network consistently recognize Christa as the go-to commerce expert within our network. As a result of her work, she has elevated the role of commerce for the agency by defining its value and complexities and identifying specific opportunities for clients.

She is focused on connecting commerce, with media and connected capabilities such as creative, content, technology and more. With over 14 years of experience in the commerce space, encompassing retail tech, digital, and social, she partners with brands to ensure they are at the forefront of a rapidly changing landscape and reaching shoppers in the most meaningful way. While heavily focused within the media industry, she also helps to orchestrate end to end commerce efforts across Marketplaces, Retailers, DTC and Social Channels. She’s worked with clients such as Clorox, Johnson’s Baby, Dyson, Hershey, Campbell’s, Bimbo Bakeries, Edgewell, Sephora, Solgar, Kellogg’s, Ferrara and GSK. 

Under Christa’s leadership, the Digitas Media Team manages over $125M in retail media spend across a variety of clients. Most recently, Christa has led the first to market Agency + Technology solution between Publicis + Commerce IQ to combine the power of strategy, service and automation in service of a major CPG retail media business. She’s also working across Publicis teams to drive integration of commerce across strategy, media activation and measurement for truly end to end commerce across many portfolio of brands.  

Notable Achievements 

  1. Leading Kellogg’s Retail Media: Recent Publicis win that tripled the amount of retailers and retail spend that will be managed by Publicis. 
  2. Overseeing U.S. Haleon (GSK) Commerce Team across Publicis Power of 1 bespoke team: Testing various platforms across the shoppable media landscape with retailers like Amazon, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and partners like Meta and TikTok. Focused on driving integration of commerce across strategy, media activation and measurement for truly end to end commerce across the portfolio of brands.
  3. Leading Ferrara Go To Market strategy by bringing candy brands to life across Pure Players, Marketplaces, and DTC.
  4. Leading Publicis Power of 1 team to launch and evolve retailer media offerings. Launched Sephora Retail Media network and CVS CMX Consultation to evolve their retail media capabilities.