Breana Teubner - Brand Innovators

Breana Teubner

Senior Director, Product Innovation, Strategy, & Operations, Banana Republic

Breana is serving as an accessible example that compassionate leadership is not only the right way to lead, but also delivers the best results. Having worked in the halls of power in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill, advising Fortune 500 CEOs as a management consultant in New York City, and as an innovation executive at Walmart and Gap Inc., Breana’s becoming story shows that transforming your mindset to embody compassion is the future of leadership. Serving women and men in mid-career transitions, she shares how you don’t have to wait until you’re at the “top of your game,” to begin your transformation. You can start today, right where you are. And most importantly, Breana shares the tools and practices she used to make her own transformation and continues to use as a business executive.

A certified yoga and meditation teacher, and a graduate of the Stanford University School of Medicine’s Cultivating Compassion Training, Breana inegrates mind-body techniques with business-based distributed leadership models and organizational tools to help you unveil the compassionate and conscious leader that already lives inside of you. Breana earned her MBA in Society & Business from USC, her BA in American Literature from UCLA, and a certificate in International Politics from Oxford University.