Arielle Russo

Senior Director of Content & Community, Head of Center of Excellence, Brand Innovators

As Senior Director of Councils, Content & Community at Brand Innovators, Arielle Russo is a master connector who empowers marketing leaders to navigate and champion their respective industries, providing direct access to diverse opportunities and exclusive entry to a highly engaged, peer-to-peer collective from today’s most coveted brands.

She oversees relationships with CMO level leadership and experts within marketing-driven departments across varying regions within the U.S. and globally to build community and connection that allows leaders to connect, inspire, and learn from one another via in person and virtual engagements, VIP experiences, multi-day leadership conferences, private discussions, and more.

Arielle also manages the company’s larger council efforts, where she curates an elevated experience for marketing executives to come together, solve challenges, and propel the industry forward around key areas of discipline.

Through intimate and meaningful conversations, thought leadership, industry forums, education curriculums, editorial spots, and more, Arielle develops opportunities for the marketing leaders of the future to continually excel and sit on the cutting edge of innovation.

Beyond working with the best of the best Fortune 500 and challenger brands from companies like PepsiCo, Hershey, Estée Lauder, VF Corp, New Balance, Clarks, LVMH, and many more, Arielle is passionate about human behavior and predicting the future. As a former cultural anthropologist, creative strategist, and futurist with Paramount (ViacomCBS), She often asks herself, "what does this mean for brands?"