Anna Kruse

Vice President, Best Buy Ads and Media Strategy, Best Buy

Anna Kruse is VP and general manager of Best Buy’s advertising business where she is responsible for client services, sales, and marketing. Her retail media expertise runs deep—prior to joining Best Buy, she led sales, planning, and product teams for Target’s retail media network. She is passionate about connecting people in both work and life, and believes that we are all better when we help each other be successful. Anna lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two children, and on the weekends you can find her running around Minneapolis’ beautiful lakes, trying a new local restaurant, or (on the best weekends) exploring a new city or country with her family.

Fun Facts About Anna:

  • She lives in Southwest Minneapolis with two kids 14 and 12
  • Avid runner/marathoner who loves every minute running around the beautiful lakes in Minneapolis
  • Enjoys trying the new local restaurants in the Twin cities with family and friends + running kids to hockey rinks across the state. 
  • Part of the team that started Target’s retail media business 12-years ago
  • Loves to travel the world with her family. Costa Rico, Paris and Seattle are a few of her favorites. 
  • Experience in retail media leading sales and planning and the advertising product team at Target prior to Best Buy
  • Loves to connect people in work and life. Believes that we are all better when we help each other be successful.