Allison Giorgio

Vice President of Marketing, PUMA

A native Bostonian and sport + sneaker enthusiast, I’ve been in the brand and marketing world for 20+ years. I’m results driven, competitive and I love digging into what makes consumers tick. I've worked hard to develop a track record of innovative and sustainable brand strategies, marketing concepts rooted in purpose and value and successfully motivated teams. I've been connected to leading change that turns into real results. I constantly challenge myself, my peers and my team to identify ways to break through the clutter of the world we live in to make real meaningful connections between consumers and brands and I'm believer that a team is always stronger than the individual. There isn't an area of marketing I haven't touched and enjoyed whether it be brand building, creative vision, communications or strategy. When I'm not working, you’ll most likely find me traveling the world with my husband and three-step children, taking photographs or probably doing some kind of workout. I’ll never turn down the opportunity to get a good sweat in! Passion Points: consumer and brand marketing vision and strategy, setting and achieving business results, fostering a collaborative team, leveraging the ever changing marketing mix, embracing and leading company culture, creating consensus and action plans, driving for results.