Al Silvestri - Brand Innovators

Al Silvestri

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Coffee Labs

Al has over 20+ years of award-winning professional experience in nontraditional marketing.  Starting Coffee 8 years ago, with the simple premise of GREAT WORK FOR GREAT BRANDS, today, Coffee is considered one of the most immersive and effective agencies in the country when it comes to innovative marketing. Part creative, part innovator, his skills have helped to define the immersive marketing space into its own new category.  

His passion for solving clients’ needs focuses on delivering unique experiences across all platforms. Combining both art & science to deliver a highly engaged/measured experience for both consumers and clients is his driving force.  Al has worked across all major categories with today’s top brands in creating the most unique and relevant experiences that leverage the latest technology in: AR/VR, Biometrics, Ai/machine learning and computer vision.