Addi McCauley

Executive Director of Client Development and Innovation, IZEA

Addi McCauley is the Executive Director of Client Development and Innovation at IZEA where she leads North American teams in guiding strategies for top CPG, home improvement, and hospitality brands that leverage social media influencers within integrated digital and shopper marketing strategies. Addi has worked in digital marketing for over a decade as a champion for the evolving power of social media and the influencer economy. For the last five years, her focus has been on finding ways to merge the impact of creator content with data and media. Prior to IZEA, she worked with retailers to digitize loyalty programs and leverage native mobile advertising within the Key Ring app to reach shoppers as they were list-building and shopping in-store. When Addi isn’t spending time analyzing content on social media, she loves exploring with her husband, daughter and yellow lab or can be found in the kitchen trying new recipe content (most often inspired by influencers).