Adam Contos

Chief Operating Officer, RE/MAX

Adam Contos is the Chief Operating Officer of global Real Estate Franchise Company RE/MAX where he provides strategic direction and oversight for a wide range of departments at RE/MAX World Headquarters. They include IT, HR, Business Development (Franchise Sales), Brand Marketing, Communications, Events, Media Strategies, Investor and Public Relations. He oversees the corporate officers who head those departments, and is ultimately responsible for maximizing the effectiveness of all operations within the groups to grow the franchise network. Adam also has an extensive background in law enforcement. He’s a former Deputy Sheriff and SWAT Tactical Commander who entered the corporate world after creating a program on safety and awareness for real estate agents. He taught his phenomenally successful (and important) course to thousands of agents before moving into business development and marketing. Adam’s passion is marketing. He spends a great deal of time on education, strategy, implementation, and analytics of marketing – particularly how it scales value delivery and impacts the customer life cycle.