Your Weekly Brand Roundup: Anxiety Edition

In a normal year, many of us would be en route to Austin right now for the annual SXSW conference. But this is no normal year, is it. We’ll be toning down the wit and snark this week--not feeling it--in favor of presenting a cross-section of links that should give you a balanced look at how COVID-19 is affecting both the marketing world and the people/culture it serves.

Cannes Lions, Adobe Summit, Advertising Week Europe, Facebook F8... Which big events are cancelled and which are still on? (via The Drum)

As we search for silver linings amidst all the COVID-19 anxiety, one writer asks: will this mark a turning point in the (suspicious) way remote workers are viewed? (via Adweek)

Health crises inevitably reshape many things, and advertising is no different. For starters, look for a shift to utility, e-comm and live streaming. (via The Drum)

With people cooped up and craving human connection, is it possible we’re in for a podcasting boom? (via Digiday)

Contrary to popular (ahem, Twitter) belief, Corona beer sales are actually up this year. (via FactCheck.Org)

It sucks to be a cruise ship line right now. Our hearts go out to them. (via The New York Times)

If the upfronts are cancelled, the impact on the advertising industry may be minimal compared to the bigger picture of what’s going on. (via Digiday)

Finally, because God knows we need a little comic relief right now, we close with this story about TikTok and Professional Bull Riding. (via Adweek)

Hang in there, friends. We’ll see you next week.

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