TurboTax Kicks Off New Campaign

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Intuit’s TurboTax is starting the new year with a new brand campaign that calls on people to embrace their challenging tax lives.

Intuit’s TurboTax is starting the new year with a new brand campaign that calls on people to embrace their challenging tax lives.

The “Bring It” effort, which kicks off as many people begin working on 2021 taxes, promotes the brand’s TurboTax Live tax experts that are on stand-by to help solve complicated tax situations. 

“With our new brand campaign, ‘You do your thing,’ we’re celebrating the uniqueness of people’s lives because a complicated life means interesting taxes,” said Cathleen Ryan, VP of Marketing for Intuit TurboTax.  “The integrated campaign showcases how TurboTax Live tax experts can solve even the most complicated tax situations –from professional gamers and digital nomads to crypto investors and self-employed creators.”

As more consumers explore digital nomad lifestyles, work in different locations than their companies and become self-employed, taxes have gotten more complicated. TurboTax also offers an AI tool that matches tax filers with TurboTax Live experts with experience in the kind of personal tax situation the person might experience.  

The campaign was created in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy. It includes six films – two in Spanish – and highlights various jobs that go outside of the typical 9-5 company employee. One spot features a crypto investor, another a gamer, and another a musician. The final spot focuses on an influencer.  The effort includes video, digital, audio, social and partner channels, aiming to reach this diverse audience.

“There’s a wide range of diversity with American tax filers and with our brand campaign this year we’re aiming to reach those filers who may have had help with their taxes last year,” Ryan said. “With TurboTax Live, filers can get expert help as they go or hand off their taxes completely to a dedicated tax expert. To ensure we’re addressing every person’s unique needs, TurboTax Live AI-powered expert matching can pair filers with experts experienced in their personal tax situation – a first of its kind full service tax preparation experience.” 

The latest effort builds on last year’s “You do your thing” campaign which acknowledged the change in career trends.

“While tax prep is a once-a-year event, we know that tax events happen throughout the year (new home, new job, a baby),” Ryan said. “While the bulk of TurboTax advertising is in that tax prep window, our customer communication is ongoing as our services are needed and used year-round for advice and consultation. As a leader in online tax preparation, we want to show consumers that TurboTax has the tools, guidance and experts to help them feel confident and supported with their taxes.”

Ryan also confirmed that TurboTax would be at the Super Bowl again this year. While she would not share details about the spot, Ryan said, “it will be in the same DNA as this year’s ‘You do your thing’ brand campaign.”

“We’re excited to once again have a presence at Super Bowl LVI, and it will be our 9th consecutive year that we’ve advertised at the Super Bowl,” said Ryan. “We continue to see value in prioritizing major marquee moments such as the Super Bowl in delivering our messages to consumers. We believe this high-profile presence during games when fans are most leaned-in will provide breakthrough to our messaging. We also have a big brand opportunity to shift consumer perceptions with our new TurboTax Live services, and the Super Bowl gives us an impactful platform to get that message out.”

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