Tostitos Creates Pop-up Restaurant in Arizona for the Super Bowl

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Frito Lay brand Tostitos is opening a pop-up restaurant in Phoenix in time for the big game. 

Frito Lay brand Tostitos is opening a pop-up restaurant in Phoenix in time for the big game. 

Tost by Tostitos offers casual dining with a menu inspired by Tostitos chips and dips such as Tostitos Breaded Chicken Strips with Tostitos Toppers Dipping Sauce, Tostitos Shrimp Fritters and Street Tacos with Tostitos Toppers.

“Being together with friends and family and enjoying really good food is one of the best parts of Super Bowl,” said Leslie Vesper, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay North America. “As the official chip and dip of the NFL, Tostitos has always been part of game day traditions. This year, though, we want to show fans how they can elevate their Super Bowl celebration menus and use their favorite snacks in new and unexpected ways. At Tost by Tostitos, we’re taking our fan-favorite chips and dips and transforming them to be part of a meal. Because of our long standing partnership with the NFL, it makes sense for us to bring this experience to Super Bowl.”

As part of the activation, Tostitos  partnered with Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who helped design the menu and is promoting the activation on his channels. Additionally, he will be stopping by Tost when he is in Phoenix for the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest snacking days of the year: According to Frito-Lay’s Super Bowl Snack Index, 49% of consumers view running out of their favorite snack during the game as worse than their team losing the Super Bowl.  

“The Super Bowl – and the NFL season more broadly – represents one of the most important times of the year for Frito-Lay and we get a lot of value from activating our brands,” said Vesper. “With Tost by Tostitos, we’ll be reaching fans on-the-ground in Phoenix who are interested in trying this fan-favorite snack in a new way – be that as the coating on their chicken strips or on top of their tacos.”

In addition to the pop-up restaurant the brand is also running a sweepstakes calling on fans to share their favorite Tostitos chip on their Instagram page with the hashtags #TostbyTostitos and #Sweepstakes. 

“We want to make sure the Tost by Tostitos experience is accessible to people everywhere in some way. That’s why we launched our Tost by Tostitos giveaway with Trevor Lawrence,” added Vesper. “Through the giveaway, we’re helping one fan throw the ultimate Super Bowl get-together inspired by Tost by Tostitos. Trevor will be handpicking Tost by Tostitos menu items for our winner to prepare at home for their Super Bowl party. We’ll send all the ingredients they need to cook it – plus a personalized video message from Trevor to help them kick off their celebration. Sharing this across our social media channels lets us widely communicate about this opportunity. We want be sure as many people as possible have the chance to enter to win this really exciting prize.”

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