Toms Rebrand Includes New Impact Model Aimed at Supporting Grassroots Organizations

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Los Angeles-based Toms Shoes has revealed a new impact model post its One-to-One program and has updated its branding. Amy Smith, Chief Strategy & Impact Officer of Toms, talks about the new initiatives.

Los Angeles-based Toms Shoes is known for giving back to the community. For decades, the company ran the One-for-One program in which they gave away a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair purchased by a consumer, giving away some 95 million pairs of shoes over the last 15 years.

The company retired the program and recently revealed a new impact model with a commitment to give one third of net profits to support people working in communities to build a more equitable world. The idea is that this gives the brand a more flexible giving model permitting them to support the grassroots organizations doing the work on the ground and having impact in their communities directly.

“Toms is, and always has been, dedicated to creating a more equitable tomorrow - it’s in our DNA,” said Amy Smith, Chief Strategy & Impact Officer of Toms. “Fifteen years ago TOMS was created with the mission of using business to improve lives and we are proud to say we have impacted 100 million lives through our shoe, sight and water giving since then. Over the past decade plus we have learned a TON and our experience has shown us that meaningful change happens at the grassroots level.”

The company is now dedicated to promoting mental health, increasing access to opportunity and working to end gun violence.“TOMS vision is to create a more equitable world where everyone has a chance to thrive,” Smith said. “Through community insights, research and our fantastic internal giving team we have identified three key areas to support a thriving humanity: mental health, access to opportunity, and ending gun violence. We identified these three key areas because they are deeply interconnected. We have learned through our research and experience that these three areas are some of the most critical elements of thriving communities. Together, they help lay the foundation to create meaningful change for all people, particularly Black, Indigenous and People of Color, LGBTQ+, and Women & Girls.”

In order to raise awareness around these issues and the giving partners who are focused on supporting their communities, Toms plans on continuing to amplify their voices in any way they can. “This will come in many forms as we work to bolster the work of organizations that are meeting their community’s needs through highly specific and sustainable programming,” said Smith. “Whether using our grants to provide mental health resources & or helping to support the work of partners in gun violence prevention, intervention, and trauma, to working with influencers who are vocal and amplifying the work being done in this key areas and beyond.”

In tandem with the brand’s 15th anniversary, the company has not only updated its impact strategy, they have also launched a full brand overhaul that is aimed at reaching a new, younger, socially responsible consumer. The company has updated everything from their logo to their creative direction and casting. The new creative gives a nod to the old style while creating a new look for today. 

“At the end of the day, we are a company that fuses profit with purpose – always have been,” Smith concluded. “We want to continue to inspire and create change in a meaningful way and we feel this new strategy will do just that. It’s an exciting development, mainly because it opens the door for our community to contribute to causes that are best served by strong partnerships and financial support. But what’s really exciting to all of us here at TOMS is how we plan to give, as well as who we plan to give to— our giving partners are the experts on the ground and know what their communities need most, which is a beautiful thing. We are optimistic about the direction we’re heading, and we’re excited to see what the next 100 million lives impacted looks like.”

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