Super Bowl 2023: Ad Tracker

Super Bowl 2023: Ad Tracker

UPDATE: We have created a new list of every Super Bowl ad that ran during the game.

The Philadelphia Eagles will take on the Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl LVII on February 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Brands are gearing up for advertising’s biggest night and dropping hints and teasers in the lead up to the big game where ads are going for up to $7 million for :30 seconds, according to reports. Variety predicts that the TV audience will draw north of 100 million viewers in the U.S. for the first time since 2018.

Expect the game to be full of surprises. This season’s game marks Pepsi’s first time not hosting the Halftime Show after a decade putting on the massive spectacle. Apple Music will take over the show with a new multi-year partnership with the NFL. Expect to see brands experimenting with co-branded ads this year. General Motors is partnering with Netflix. Michelob Ultra is partnering with Instacart and Netflix. Molson Coors is teaming up with DraftKings for a consumer bet to predict which brand will be featured in its Super Bowl ad –Coors Light or Miller Light.

Brands are dropping teasers leading up to the big game and some full ads have already dropped. We will continue to update this tracker as news is revealed. Here is what we know so far.


Food delivery service DoorDash has tapped celebrity chef Matty Matheson, rap icon Raekwon and Nickelodeon’s stop-motion-animated Tiny Chef for its “We Get Groceries” campaign.


E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley dropped its full Super Bowl spot online on Feb. 10 starring babies at a wedding talking about life’s big transitions.

“E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley has a long and storied history of Super Bowl spots that has helped us develop a connection with investing consumers that is hard to find across the financial services industry,” said Andrea Zaretsky, CMO of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, in a statement shared with Brand Innovators. “As part of the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management ecosystem we now deliver a leading offering defined by digital tools, comprehensive intellectual capital, and professional guidance. There is likely no greater way to tell that story than through the big game.”


Peacock will promote its new series “Poker Face,” with the star actress Natasha Lyonne in its Super Bowl spot.

The Farmer’s Dog

Dog food brand The Farmer’s Dog will run a spot on Sunday’s big game. In this extended version, released online on February 9, the brand tells the story of a girl and her dog as they grow together over the years.


NFL will run two :30 spots during the big game, one right after the halftime show. Check out the teasers. has tapped Melissa McCarthy for its game day spot. The full spot was released online on February 9th.


Travel site Priceline is running a pregame ad as a kick off to the brand’s first new brand platform in four years. In the spot, actress Kaley Cuoco, Priceline’s brand ambassador, encourages her office co-workers to go on a dream vacation. The campaign will include digital video ads featuring interactive elements that “hide $5 million in travel savings,” that will be revealed throughout the game.

e.l.f Cosmetics

Actress Jennifer Coolidge stars in e.l.f Cosmetic’s first-ever Super Bowl spot.

Bush’s Beans

Bush’s Beans has dropped a teaser for its first-ever Super Bowl spot, which stars legendary quarterback and bean ambassador Peyton Manning.

“We believe beans are an important weekly staple,” said Stephen Palacios, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Innovation at Bush’s. “Beans are an affordable plant-based protein source that have less impact on water sources compared to animal protein and come in infinitely recyclable cans.”


AI-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform Dialpad will be making its debut at the Super Bowl with “The Good Ai” spot, which run in regional markets in the Bay Area and Seattle. The spot features 42 Ai references from the past and present.

“‘The Good Ai’ captures the world’s fascination with Ai and the journey we’ve all been on as it has evolved throughout our lifetimes. And it has now reached the workplace in a bigger way than it ever has before,” said Morgan Norman, chief marketing officer at Dialpad, in a statement shared with Brand Innovators. “There is a large-scale transformation taking shape at companies today to incorporate and use Ai to manage the complex demands of an evolving market. Dialpad can be a part of that evolution, offering a single platform that pulls from over 3.5 billion minutes of real-time voice and messaging data to deliver Ai predictive insights that boost customer satisfaction, improve employee collaboration, and empower customers to reach new heights.”


Google’s “Fixed on Pixel” Super Bowl spot promotes the brand’s photo editing tools and stars Amy Schumer, Giannis Antetokounmpo & Doja Cat. The full spot dropped online on February 8th.


Dunkin’ will run a Super Bowl ad for the first time ever, the company revealed in an Instagram teaser.

Avocados from Mexico

Avocados from Mexico is returning to the big game with a 30-second TV spot, the eighth time the marketer has purchased an ad at the big game in the past decade. The new ad, which dropped online on February 8th, stars Anna Faris and promotes “good times and good taste” with the hashtag #MakeItBetter. The 360-degree marketing campaign will include digital activations that roll out in the weeks leading up to the game including a Times Square billboard.

“The Big Game is very special to us as it celebrates the largest consumption period of avocados during the year,” said Alvaro Luque, president and CEO of AFM, in a statement. “The AFM brand is responsible for 95% of avocado sales during the Big Game weekend. It’s the perfect opportunity for sparking goodness. Avocados make everything better – they bring the good times and good flavor to game day spreads, and that’s great for avocado enthusiasts and sports fans alike.”


Planters is returning to Super Bowl advertising for its second year in a row with a new spot starring a panel of comedians including Jeff Ross and Natasha Leggero who roast Mr. Peanut. The brand dropped the full ad for the “Made to be Roasted” campaign online on February 8.


TurboTax is bringing its “Don’t do your taxes campaign to the Super Bowl this year with a :45 second spot (which went live online on February 8th) promoting its DIY tax prep service. The spot features a man is joyfully dancing in front of a fountain, while he is “not doing his taxes.”

“After decades of leadership in the online tax preparation category, TurboTax has become synonymous with DIY Taxes (or DIY Tax Software),” Cathleen Ryan, SVP of Marketing at Intuit TurboTax, told Brand Innovators. “With this year’s campaign, we’re changing that narrative by letting customers know they can come to TurboTax and NOT do their taxes. We believe that TurboTax has the best assisted tax experience in the market – people can sit down from the comfort and privacy of their homes and in one meeting, have their taxes prepared, signed, filed, and then get back to doing what they love – Not Taxes.”

Pepsi Zero Sugar

Pepsi will be promoting its “new and improved” Pepsi Zero Sugar drink at the Super Bowl, marking the brand’s first ad at the big game in three years. The spots stars Ben Stiller and Steve Martin and and promote the brand’s non-sugar drink. These two full spots were released online on February 8th.


Pringles will be back at the Super Bowl for the sixth year in a row with a spot starring pop star Meghan Trainor. This is the first time the brand has tapped a celebrity for its Super Bowl spot in recent years. The brand dropped the full spot online on February 7.

General Motors (GM)

General Motors has partnered with Netflix on a :60 second Super Bowl ad, which will feature Will Ferrell and electric vehicles. The spot is the kickoff of a strategic initiative between the two companies to feature more of GM’s EV in Netflix-produced shows. The full spot dropped online on February 7.


Dexcom, a glucose monitoring tool, is returning to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row with a :30 spot starring musician Nick Jonas. The brand dropped its full spot online on February 7.


Uber is returning to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row with a new spot focused on Uber One, the company’s premium membership. Uber has teamed up with Sean Combs aka P Diddy for the spot and asked him to create a hit song for the Uber One product. Montell Jordan (This is How We Do It), Kelis (Milkshake), Donna Lewis (I Love You Always Forever), Haddaway (What is Love), and Ylvis (What Does the Fox Say) are invited to help create the hit.The teaser aired during the Grammy Awards, the Pro Bowl and NCAA men’s basketball. The full ad dropped online on February 7.

Uber One offers elevated access to all of Uber’s services: rides, delivery and groceries. Members get better pricing, premium support and additional perks.  

“As the only global company that helps you go anywhere and get anything, our membership program is the best way to save,” said Danielle Hawley, global executive creative director at Uber, in a comment shared with Brand Innovators. “We want people to remember that, so for this year’s Super Bowl ad we set out to help everyone get Uber One stuck in their heads — and what better way to do that than with a hit song? We paired some of the biggest hitmakers of all time with one of the most esteemed producers in the game to help Uber One catch on.”


PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay snack brand Popcorners is promoting its White Cheddar snack with a nod to Breaking Bad in a spot featuring Aaron Paul, the actor that plays Jesse in the show. The brand dropped the full spot online on February 6th.


Mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s has revealed its Super Bowl ad starring Jon Hamm and Brie Larson, as part of its “Make Taste, Not Waste” campaign. Online savings platform Rakuten has Alicia Silverstone playing her iconic role from “Clueless” in its second year advertising at the Super Bowl. The brand dropped the full spot online on February 6th.


Online savings platform Rakuten has Alicia Silverstone playing her iconic role from “Clueless” in its second year advertising at the Super Bowl. The brand dropped the full spot online on February 6th.

“As we set out to make our second Super Bowl campaign, we knew we needed a big breakthrough idea that telegraphed shopping. When we saw the concept for ‘Not So Clueless,’ we immediately loved how clearly it communicated that Rakuten is the place to save when shopping, while also tapping into the hyper-relevance of current ’90s trends in culture,” said Vicki McRae, senior vice president of brand, creative and communications at Rakuten, in a statement. “Clueless has had a long-lasting impact on the fashion community so it was natural to extend our campaign into this year’s Fashion Week with Christian Siriano. Christian’s authentic relationship with Alicia and love of Clueless led to a beautiful partnership that is not just fashion forward – but also helps continue to drive awareness for Rakuten among shoppers.”


Workday, a business software brand that offers small-to-medium sized businesses tools for things like payroll and HR, has purchased its first-ever Super Bowl ad. The brand tapped rock icons Kiss, Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne and Gary J. Clark, among others, for its spot. The brand dropped the full spot online on February 6th.


Doritos has plans to promote its new Sweet and Tangy BBQ chips at the Super Bowl this year. The ad will feature Jack Harlow and Missy Elliott and involves a love triangle. The brand has been slowing revealing teasers each week with new hints at the spot.

The Frito-Lay brand is also giving fans a chance to be featured in the commercial. Consumers must share their own “triangle-inspired” dance on the TikTok with the hashtags #DoritosTriangleTryout and #Entry to participate.

Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin has purchased a :60 spot for the big game. This Rémy Cointreau’s first national spot after buying a :30 ad for its gin brand The Botanist in regional markets in 2022, as well as a regional market buy in 2021 for Cointreau. Rémy Martin’s focus this year is “Teaming Up for Excellence” and so that company tapped iconic tennis player Serena Williams for the “Inch by Inch” spot.

“We are honored to partner with a cultural icon like Serena whose commitment to excellence is unmatched for the first-ever advertisement for iconic Cognac House, Rémy Martin,” said Nicolas Beckers, chief marketing officer at Rémy Cointreau Americas, in a statement. “Rémy Martin’s entry into the big game this year reflects the growing importance and recognition of the Rémy Martin brand, the increased interest in the Cognac sector, and our ambitions in the USA.”

AB InBev’s Bud Light

Bud Light has dropped its Super Bowl commercial, “Hold,” a one minute spot in which Miles and Keleigh Teller dance around drinking Bud Light to entertain themselves while waiting out a long hold time on a customer service phone call.

“As not only the No. 1 best-selling beer brand in the industry, but a brand that fans look forward to seeing year-after-year in the Super Bowl, we are thrilled to announce Bud Light’s return to the biggest stage in sports as we usher in a new era for Bud Light and deliver something totally new and unexpected,” said Alissa Heinerscheid, vice president of marketing at Bud Light, in a statement shared with Brand Innovators. “Forty-one years ago, Bud Light was created to be an easy-drinking beer; that is how we were born. We have turned that unique truth into our new platform – Bud Light is ‘Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy’, and we look forward to bringing this message to life for consumers at Super Bowl and beyond.”

Michelob ULTRA

Michelob ULTRA has kicked off a massive campaign for the Super Bowl, which features two golf-themed ads. The first, starring Tony Romo, Canelo Alvarez, Brian Cox and Serena Williams, is inspired by Caddyshack for a new generation of players. 

“Michelob Ultra’s point of view is that it’s only worth it if you enjoy it,” said Ricardo Marques, vice president of marketing at Michelob ULTRA. “We were inspired by the story of this dusty old golf club that was very shaken up by new members who want to bring the fun and the joy into the fold. It is a parallel to the Caddyshack story – the inspiration for Michelob Ultra being a sponsor of the PGA Tour for 20+ years – rewritten for today’s day and age.” 

The second ad, a :30 second spot, includes partnerships with Netflix, Instacart and golf apparel brand Devereux Golf, in an integrated campaign that will continue throughout the year. The spot promotes Netflix’s new golf show Full Swing and allows consumers to shop for the beer on Instacart with a QR code.


Adam Driver stars in this year’s Squarespace Super Bowl spot.

Publicis Groupe’s Working with Cancer

Publicis Groupe is the first holding company to run a Super Bowl ad, using the big game as a stage for its Working with Cancer coalition. The nonprofit was formed with the mission to erase the stigma for those who have cancer in the work environment. The group is urging companies to support colleagues with cancer through the coalition, which launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos after Arthur Sadoun, CEO of Publicis Groupe, was diagnosed and treated for cancer last year. Founding partners include: Abbvie, Adobe, Bank of America, BNP Paribas, BT, Citi, Google, Haleon, Labcorp, L’Oréal, Lloyd’s, LVMH, Marriott, McDonald’s, Meta, Mondelez, Microsoft, MSD, Nestlé, Omnicom, Pepsico, Renault Group, Sanofi, Toyota, Unilever, Verizon, and Walmart.


Danone’s Greek yogurt brand Oikos has Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders for the second year in a row for its Super Bowl spot this year. He will be joined by his family, including daughter and rising college basketball star Shelomi, son and college football safety Shilo, and sister Tracie for a family reunion spot.

“As a leader in the Greek yogurt category, Oikos continues to show up on Game Day with entertaining creative to challenge the perception that healthy eating is boring. We hope our campaign inspires consumers to make strong snack choices that power their strength,” said Surbhi Martin, Vice President, Greek Yogurt & Functional Nutrition at Danone North America, in a statement. “This year, we also have ambitions to strengthen access to nutrition and fitness resources that will help fuel the next generation of strong, healthy young adults. We’re excited to share our coming plans, which include increasing awareness and co-creating sustainable solutions with key partners to address inequities in the space.”

Crown Royal

Dave Grohl will star in Diageo’s :30 second spot for Crown Royal created with agency Anomaly, during the Super Bowl.


Streaming platform Tubi has plans to debut three commercials at the Super Bowl.

DraftKings & Molson Coors

With ABInBev giving up its alcohol exclusivity rights after 33 years, Molson Coors is returning to the Super Bowl. The company has plans to run a :30 ad for either Coors Light or Miller Light. The company is running a campaign about the battle for the spot. They took out a full page New York Times ad to kick off the campaign. The ad features a can of Miller Lite and reads: “The big game hasn’t tasted this great in 30 years.” Below is a can of Coors Light as well as the text: “The big game hasn’t been this refreshing in 30 years.”

Molson Coors has teamed DraftKings to let consumers bet on the contents of its Super Bowl commercial for the chance to win part of a $500,000 cash prize.

“Figuring out which brand or brands is no simple task,” said Michelle St. Jacques, CMO of Molson Coors, in a statement. “It’s not just that Molson Coors hasn’t been in the big game in 30 years. Neither have Miller Lite or Coors Light. And when you look at the momentum we have with our premium lights right now, there’s a really good argument for either one to be featured in the Super Bowl.”

The Servant Foundation

The Servant Foundation, a non profit Christian organization is reportedly spending $1 billion for two :30 ads dedicated to Jesus-focused messaging with the tagline, “He Gets Us.”

ABInBev’s Busch Light

Busch Light will return with its brand mascot Busch Guy alongside “an iconic songstress.” The brand is using the big game as a launch pad for a yearlong campaign called “The Busch Guide,” which aims to connect with nature-loving fans in a humorous fashion that promotes essential survival skills. The brand also said that its effort will support the brand’s diversity and inclusion efforts, both in front of and behind the camera.

ABInBev’s Budweiser

Budweiser is returning to the big game this year. The brand released teasers with Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist and producer Metro Boomin. The company said that Boomin “embodies the same grit and determination that defines the Budweiser brand.”  The teaser also hints at Budweiser returning to its classic tagline, “This Bud’s For You,” which Budweiser is reintroducing this year.

Mars’ M&Ms

M&Ms has purchased a :30 second spot during the second quarter of the big game. Mars CMO Gabrielle Dallas Wesley told Brand Innovators that the company is working on introducing the brand to next generation of consumers by making them a part of pleasurable experiences.

“It’s really through rituals,” says Wesley. “Whether it’s Halloween or other holidays, those are the first introductions. Whether that’s in store, or through our partnership with the NFL, making sure that Snickers and all our other brands are in every NFL stadium or every NFL household. It’s to be wherever anyone decides they want to treat themselves whether that’s a movie theater or a sporting event or whether that’s through DoorDash or Instacart. It’s being wherever they are because we know that their opportunity to be themselves and treat themselves is more complex than it’s ever been.”

Previously, the brand had hinted that its spokescandies would star in the spot, but has now revealed that celebrity spokesperson Maya Rudolph will be featured. The spokescandies were criticized by conservative commentators and the brand responded by pausing the campaign featuring these animated mascots and instead tapped Rudolph as its chief fun officer for the spot.


Sports betting platform FanDuel is putting their money where their mouth is for their Super Bowl commercial. The company has tapped Super Bowl champion and five-time NFL Pro Bowler Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski for its live spot. During the ad, Gronkowski will attempt to kick a field goal. If he succeeds, customers that bet $5 or more on FanDuel will win a share of $10 million in free bets.

“Whether it’s kick-off, a touchdown or an important play that will decide a season, FanDuel knows moments matter. Our first-ever Super Bowl commercial will be more than just a television spot – it will create a moment that will bring fans together, and give them something to collectively cheer for,” said Andrew Sneyd, executive vice president of marketing at FanDuel, in a statement. “It’s an unprecedented field goal attempt on live TV…so anything can happen.”

Wieden+Kennedy is the agency partner behind the campaign.

Heineken 0.0

Heineken and Marvel have teamed are running a campaign to promote the upcoming film “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania” and Heineken 0.0. The spot, starring Paul Rudd, will run at the big game.


Procter & Gamble brand Downy has tapped a mystery celebrity for its :30 spot “I’m Not Doing It Yet.”


Kia is reportedly returning to the Super Bowl this year.


WeatherTech is reportedly returning to the Super Bowl for the 10th year in a row.