Southwest and Chase Celebrate 25 Years with Coffee

Southwest and Chase Celebrate 25 Years with Coffee

What better way to celebrate new credit card perks than with a free cup of freshly percolated coffee? To commemorate 25 years of “Rapid Rewards” card partnership, Southwest Airlines and Chase gave consumers a bit of both through a mobile coffee shop built into an Airstream trailer. 

“The More Perks Cafe Airstream was created to raise awareness of the benefits and the perks being added to the well-known cards while celebrating cardmembers in a fun way,” said Heather Bowman, vice president of Southwest Credit Cards marketing at Chase. “Southwest is known as the airline with heart, and our Customers are at the heart of everything we do at Chase, so we wanted to bring the experience directly to them to showcase the new benefits.”

The cafe, which popped up in Austin, Texas, and Nashville, provided opportunities for consumers to take travel-inspired photos, same free Southwest-themed beverages and snacks, and take home branded promotional items. In addition, consumers could order beverages cheekily named after some of the new benefits being added to the Rapid Rewards cards. 

New benefits on the card include: two rewards points for every dollar spent on ride shares and internet, cable and streaming services, and 25% back on in-flight purchases. Accordingly, drinks offered at the pop included: a “Commuter Brew” cold-brew coffee, “Sweet Streaming” sweet iced tea, and “Rest & Recline” unsweetened iced tea. 

The Airstream trailer/cafe was fully wrapped in Chase and Southwest branding, including colors, logos, and credit card art. Signage around the area directed consumers to the pop-up, which was also promoted in local event publications and news outlets.

The promotion took place Austin and Nashville because that’s where “cardmembers are located,” though there may be other opportunities, Bowman said. “We were thrilled to see hundreds of cardmembers and attendees stop by over the two weekends, and look forward to engaging with them in more fun ways in the near future,” she said.