Reynolds Wrap Heats Up Ham

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It’s almost Easter, which means ham will be a hot food item … literally thanks to Reynold’s Wrap. 

It’s almost Easter, which means ham will be a hot food item … literally thanks to Reynold’s Wrap. 

The aluminum foil brand is dishing up three recipes that bring the heat to ham. The recipes – Hot Honey Ham, Buffalo Ham and Habanero Chipotle Ham – are a way to reach younger consumers, who have made those trending flavors popular, said Lisa Giardina, senior brand manager for Reynolds Consumer Products

“We aim for fun, unexpected ways to communicate the core message that Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil is the durable cooking companion you can depend on for easy prep, cook and cleanup,” Giardina said. “If we help people think about their classic Easter ham differently this year and expand their traditions in the kitchen, we’ve done our job right.”

The initiative continues five years of delivering “unexpected – and playfully polarizing” recipes for consumers, including a “Candied Ham” recipe last year and Thanksgiving-themed creations such Dessert Turkeys and Turkey Dogs. This year’s spicy recipes are born from a recent Instacart survey that found nearly three-quarters of Americans eat hot sauce with their food. “We thought it was high time that Easter Hams get the heat treatment,” Giardina said.

The recipes can be found on the brand’s website, along with photos of step-by-step prep shots for easier creation. The brand will also be partnering with an unnamed food influencer for social amplification on Instagram and TikTok. 

“We work closely with influencer recipe creators, constantly updating the website with their content,” Giardina said. “Our influencers make recipes on social year-round, so they play a big part in the cooking tips and recipes we offer to consumers.”

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